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Kanji: kanji unnamed jutsu Unnamed
Rōmaji: romaji
Literal english: literal english
English tv: english tv
Viz manga: viz manga
Game names (,): game names
Other names (,): other names
Parent jutsu: parent jutsu
Related jutsu: (Not Direct Descendants) related jutsu
Rank: {{#info:All ranks come from the author of the series in the official databooks.}} jutsu rank
Classification: jutsu classification
Jutsu types: jutsu type
Type: jutsu class type
Range: jutsu range
(Short, 0-5m; Mid, 5-10m; Long, 10m+)
Users: users
Team: teams
Hand signs hand signs
Debut (manga; chapter #): debut manga
Debut (anime; episode #): debut anime debut shippudenShippuden
Debut Game: game debut
Debut Movie: movie debut
Anime OVA ova debut
In Media: jutsu media

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