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The Orregan is the Kekkei genkai dojutsu of the Nakamura Clan.


The Orregan can be activated at birth by a member of the Nakamura clan. At this stage there are no tomoe in the pupil. As the wielder gets older and gains more proficiency with the Orregan it gains more tomoe for a maximum of three per eye.


The Orregan, when activated, causes the user's iris to turn completely black, with white circular designs in it. The outermost line of the iris is a broken white line. The second line is a thin solid white line. There are up to three tomoe in the pupil.

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The first ability of the Orregan is the ability to see chakra, much like the Byakugan and Sharingan. The Orregan's second ability is its most prominent and coveted one; it allows the user to control time, either slowing it down or speeding it up. This allows the user to evade attacks highly successfully. As the Orregan evolves, the user can control time in a specific area. This ability can be used to move at superhuman speeds, by slowing down time in the user's surroundings while keeping the time at normal speed in the area their body is in. This requires massive amounts of chakra to slow time down for even an instant, and users may find it tiring to move even a single step in decelerated time, as shown by Hiashi Nakamura during his fight with Takō. However, only extremely skilled users can effectively use this technique, as even a Jōnin may have only unlocked basic time control. At least 10 years of intense training is required to fully unlock the Orregan's potential.

The third ability the Orregan grants its user is derived from the second one. It allows the user to copy jutsu that he or she has witnessed, though not to the same extent as the Sharingan. By slowing time down, the user can gain intimate understanding of how a jutsu is performed by observing its minute details.

The final ability of the Orregan is telescopic vision, which with training can be stretched to 15 kilometers.