Shadoume (Shadow Eyes) is a dōjutsu kekkei genkai unique to the Shēdo Clan and the . It has the ability to copy other jutsu to their fullest extent. (Ex, If it saw Naruto Uzumaki's clone jutsu it could create a perfect clone jutsu. If it saw the Sharingan with one tomoe, it could create three or more advanced versions, like the Mangekyo Sharingan, depending on the skill level) It also has the ability to use any jutsu the user knows without hand seals, although this requires more chakra than if the user used hand seals. It gives the user abilities to read and analyse, see in a 360 degree (without seeing through objects) and it gives the user an affinity with all chakra natures. Some believe that the eyes give the ability to read another persons' mind. It also gives the user the ability to break or see through genjutsu, whether the jutsu is on themselves or on others. The eye is only activated by Shadou chakra, and so is only used my few members of the Shēdo Clan. It can combine techniques, including kekkei genkai, to create more powerful jutsu. (Ex, combine Byakugan and Sharingan to create a dojutsu that sees chakra systems and reads opponents movements.) It also has the ability to create kekkei tota, but is often fatal if one problem is made in the usage of the kekkei tota jutsu.